Sunday, June 21, 2009

Glorious Mud

Crikey, it's been a while.

Art has been taking a back seat to work and politics. New design work can be seen at The politics has been about challenging Lewisham Council on their hike in service charges for leaseholders on my housing estate – very time consuming.

A couple of months ago I thought about dismantling my China Blues piece at Creekside Centre. But we decided to cover it in mud instead and see what grew from the fertile sludge. Here's Kate Coss, manager of the centre, having just splattered the world (and herself)...

Since then, a few wild flowers (weeds to you) have popped up, but the mud has dried out quite a lot.

Meanwhile, have just completed proposals for this year's Deptford X which is coming round again in September 2009. Whether I get to be part of the programme or not, it is time to make some stuff.

Also, there is now a Deptford Art Map:
A few locations on Creekside are missing, but no doubt this will be rectified in due course...