Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Deptford X 2009 : The Tagworts Map

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Deptford X 2009 : Open Studios

"Inspired by Dance", Deptford X 2009

I made a piece to go into the Arthub Group Show "AHA!" upstairs at 5-9 Creekside, which chronicles the past and imagines the future, using photographs of the view from my balcony at home of the old Deptford Power Station as was in 1980. By 1990, only the tower remained and Canary Wharf had been built. In 2000, the tower has gone and Canary Wharf is joined by two more buildings. By 2010, the new 'Creekside Village' will be complete, and by 2020 I am guessing the view will have changed out of all recognition.

"Inspired By Dance", Deptford View 1980–2020.
Inkjet on aluminium (5 pieces 227x150mm each)
© Sue Lawes 2009

"Inspired by Dance" is the plagarising PR tagline for 'Creekside Village', situated as it is towering over the Laban Dance building.

China Blues inadvertently at Deptford X 2009

Painter Mich Maroney and poet Susan Mackeroy are presenting a sequence of paintings and poems at Creekside Centre, entitled Deptford Quatrains. It's a nice little show.

This means the centre is open and visitors must pass my outdoor piece for last year's Deptford X (as chronicled in this here blog), China Blues.

We have let the weeds grow on the piece (having filled it with fertile mud from the Creek) and the Pink Posse found Hoary Mustard (Hirschfeldia Incana) growing and tagged it.

Deptford X 2009 - Alchemy at Cor Blimey Arts


Deptford Network of Artists ( DNA )
Saturday & Sunday 26/27 September, 3/4 October, 11am-5pm
Cor Blimey Arts, C101 Faircharm Trading Estate, Deptford, London SE8 3DX

An exhibition by artists of DNA (Deptford Network of Artists) about transformation: turning base metal into gold; elevating the material world into another; the aspirational world. It will include ‘The Alchemical Banquet’, a wedding feast for the eyes. This will be a collaborative work exploring the relationship between the art object, its creators and consumers through alchemical eyes.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Deptford X 2009 - Alchemy

DNA (Deptford Artists Network) have devised a collaborative show called 'The Alchemical Banquet', as part of an open submission for DNA artists called 'Alchemy'.

The banquet idea was too good to miss: artworks to fit into a place setting (on a table) of approximately 35cmx35cm.

I finally finished "Creekside Willow With Vultures", submitted it for the show and await to see it arranged on a table with other artists' contributions...

I had other ideas for presenting this piece, but that can come later.

Creekside Willow With Vultures
Permanent marker on plastic plate
© Sue Lawes 2009

Deptford X : 25 September – 4 October 2009 : TAGWORTS

It's that time of year again.

For this year's Deptford X I have been collaborating with a certain botanist on a project called TAGWORTS. We have been 'tagging' the wild flowers (weeds, to you) with their English (common) and Latin names all over Deptford. My botanist identified several species which may or may not be in flower over the coming weeks and I designed some stencils which we are using with pink and yellow liquid chalk aerosols (sorry, but at least they are water soluable)...

As we have gone along, tramping the streets of Deptford, we have tagged and then photographed the various species, and plotted them on a Google map of the area, with descriptions of the plants. I have tried to steer the botanist to the venues where there will be art shows and installations, but he is drawn to the neglected areas that weeds love best...so we've covered a lot of ground.

See the map developing here.

Here are a couple of pix: