Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Sorcerers

Stayed up late the other night to watch this 1967 horror classic by Michael Reeves and starring Boris Karloff...The old couple in the film have a large dresser full of Willow this segment on YouTube – the plates appear about 9 minutes in!

Whatever happened to the teapots?

The Beeb are broadcasting a short series on the potteries. In "Whatever Happened to the Teapots?" Roger Law of Spitting Image fame goes back to Stoke where the team had their merchandising made (Margaret Thatcher teapots)...unfortunately it's not a podcast, but Law has written here:

Episode 3: "We started off by knocking off the Chinese. The original ceramics were copies of Chinese ware..."
"Until 1800ish, most people got their tableware from the Far East, then a 200-year hiccup in history when we did it, and now most people get their tableware from the Far East..."