Sunday, July 18, 2010

Caroline Slotte

Caroline Slotte From the series Rose Border Multiple, Multiple Blue I, reworked second hand object, 2007
Photo: Tuukka Paikkari

Caroline Slotte From the series Rose Border Multiple, detail

Caroline Slotte From the series Gone Fishing, detail

Finnish artist Caroline Slotte's artist's statement from her website

"Objects in our private sphere stir feelings in us and connect us to our history. They are tangible reminders of the past, of our own life story, and that of the family. In this way the most humble object can function as a key to the past, as a key to our inner. The poetry of everyday objects, with all the memories and associations that these objects contain: that is the starting point for my artistic practise.

"In my work I examine the memory-bearing aspect of second hand objects. What do remnants of lived lives – photographs, clothes, and other utility objects – have to say about us humans? What role do the objects in our surroundings play in the creation of continuity in our existence, and in the construction of a continuous life story?

"The manipulation of existing material is central in my work. I rework found objects, mainly second hand ceramic items, so that they take on new meanings.

"I’m interested in how the interventions direct or obstruct the associations of the viewer. The manipulated objects are characterised by a tension between the recognisable and the mysterious, the familiar and the unfamiliar. I rework the ceramics by cutting directly into it, by sculpting and sanding, and by combining elements from different objects. In this way, the work process becomes a way of questioning the material and highlighting stories contained in the objects."

Caroline is taking part in the National Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowships Programme with a practice based research project called 'Second Hand Stories'. More here.

Paul Scott at Contemporary Applied Arts

"Paul Scott’s work involves the digital manipulation of established vocabularies of printed motif, pattern and image from industrial ceramic archives and engraved book illustration. Cloning and collaging these, sometimes with photographic elements, he creates contemporary artworks in ceramic and printed form. The altered ready-mades, hand-built sculptural vignettes and architectural interventions are all characterized by a blue and white semiotic. Together with a focus on pastoral landscapes and chinoiserie, Scott’s work draws on the cultural wallpaper in our minds, playing with our sense of the familiar."
23 July – 21 August 2010

Paul Scott's Blog:

Paul Scott on BBC Cumbria:

San Sebastian Willow

The view from the balcony at our holiday apartment in San of four willows...

Robert Dawson

Robert Dawson Willow Pattern with Uncertainty, print on bone china, dia. 27 cm, 2003

Robert Dawson is currently showing this piece at Jerwood Contemporary Makers, Jerwood Space, London

"This exhibition at the Jerwood Space in south London, the third in a series, shows us work by applied artists that has stolen a march on all those stuck-up fine artists out there. It is a collection of unique, hand-made objects crafted in a variety of materials, including felt, glass, clay, wood, plastic and woven basketware.

"These are works that often begin in the idea of usefulness, and then do a unique sideways drift into something slightly odder...Look at Robert Dawson's Willow Pattern with Uncertainty, for example, a bone-china dinner plate overprinted with that oh-so-familiar willow pattern. Except that this is not quite true. It is over-printed only in part. As your eye moves across the plate, the patterning begins to fog, fade, mist over. You are denied that customary pleasure..."

Review by Michael Glover, The Independent, 29 June 2010

More work by Robert Dawson pertaining to Willow Pattern, taken from his website

Robert Dawson Can you walk from the garden, does your heart understand
print on bone china, each plate dia 27cm, 1996

Robert Dawson Old New Borrowed Blue
print on ceramic tiles, 3.6x7.35m, 2008, Churchill Hospital, Oxford

Robert Dawson In Perspective Willow 1
print on bone china, dia.27cm, limited edition, 1996