Friday, October 10, 2008

Kate Murdoch's 10x10

To mark the tenth anniversary of Deptford X Kate Murdoch has created an installation at Framework Studios of 100 treasured objects, inviting for one day only - today, the 10th of the 10th - people to take an object and replace it with one of their own.

I took from her installation a tiny Willow Pattern tureen and replaced it with a 500g box of 'Temple of Heaven' Shanghai Gunpowder Chinese Green Tea. As I posed for her husband who was documenting the event I accidentally dropped the object's little lid which smashed on the floor. Everyone thought I'd done it on purpose - like I'm the queen of broken china - but I was very annoyed with myself.

Kate began the bartering or swapping process at 10am this morning and by 8pm more than 50 objects have been swapped. Some swaps are on objects that have already been swapped. She's stopping at 10pm. It's such a fun project it would have been great if it'd gone on all weekend.

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